System for the communication and preservation of data value, its fair distribution and exchange

Adil is a menubar desktop application for Mac OS that:

1. Collects data from Google Search to preserve produced personal data.

2. By generating fake Google Search, requests it neutralizes data that is collected by Google itself, so that only the Adil User is able to posses a data set related to user's real behavior.

3. At Adil’s stock exchange users have the possibility to trade produced data and its parts with interested companies, institutions and organizations for an exchange rate they find acceptable.


Adil is a node.js app in an Electron wrap. iInstead of starting browser as usual, a user of Adil launches the app. Adil launches Chrome automatically with connected extension, in a fully controlled mode. This extension communicates with Adil's express local server. All the browser usage will be recorded locally, except "fake" data that is produced live in a "Neutralize" mode via Selenium automation.

Adil pragmatically communicates the value of data, protects privacy and ensures its users are unique owners of personal data they produce.

In collaboration with Markus Kreutzer
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