A small mobile web tool to save DDMMYYYY information from photos straight to calendar

At least in Berlin print posters are important information source about events in the city. Although social media became way more effective communication channel in this domain, their targeted, echo-chamber character often doesn't allow to see all the diversity of the city life.

In the context of being on-the-go and on-line at the same time, information from poster walls is not particularly memorable. To support this classic and very urban media and to make it fit for digital age, I've created a small tool that deploys computer vision, text recognition and a clever parsing method to keep my calendar in sync with the big city offering.
Uploading photos and performing necessary for extraction of calendar data operations can take some time (3 to 15 seconds). This waiting state should be communicated in such a way, that user knows that program is working as opposed to just hanging overwhelmed with the uploaded image.

To make this significant waiting time entertaining, instead of typical loaders I've used fluid geometry of a waving banner. To assure that graphic effects are performing well even on weak mobile phones, I've used generative design, shader and noise technics.

Technology: Tesseract.js, WebGL, Chrono