Connecting web-cam sticker and laptop: a marginal object as tangible interface

A camera sticker is an artefact patching up everyday work with laptops for many people.
Converting such a sticker to a switch of open circuits on the sides of a web-camera allows possibility to patch up its marginality with an established functionality of a laptop.

Minimalistic and small object means minimalistic interaction of
1. unsticking it from left to right or vice-versa and
2.pressing the sticker for variable number of seconds.

Function is already in the object: usage of camera, for example for a Skype call.


Uncovering the camera to a side is an essential tap to left or right. Pressing the sticker against opened camera's side is a tap-and-hold learned and known from mobile interfaces as a command to rearrange icons, list items and in this case to change an app for a selected side.

Technology:Arduino, python