As means of transportation enable geographical migration, vMove enables the relocation of the "digital life" from one platform to another

For many the sphere of digital messenger holds not only, but also very intimate, many-years-long history of communication with school friends, parents, partners who might be as far as a half of the globe away. The number of valuable conversations like these increases with the increasing speed and need of geographical mobility for professional, political, economical and personal reasons.

For exactly the same reasons one might want to move from one messenger platform to another. And such "digital migration" is not possible without losing one of the most valuable pieces of any social network: the chat history.

A conversation as personal data is produced by at least two people. vMove enables collaboration and safety of the relocation through technology and user experience of 7 steps:

1. User 1 (U1) Facebook authentication
2. Choice of the Friend (U2)
3. Choice and authentication in selected messenger
4. Invitation
5. Additional level of safety and engagement through link posted in Facebook chat by vMove automatically
6. U2 Facebook authentication
7. U2 acceptance of the invitation
7.1. Advise to turn the sound off due to transfer and post of the conversation message by message from one platform to another
7.2. Data visualization and process status

Technology: pandas, Node.js