A tech collage dedicated to 100 years of Dadaismus

Collage was the favourite technique of dadaists. What would they use if they lived in the digital era?

How would dadaists shredder internet debates and glue them together with a bunch of APIs?

Dadaphone is a representation of an internet debate. It creates dependent on and influenced by each peer inclusive communication and meanwhile expresses chaos of digital media and communicates it's focus on drama.


To start I and my neighbor Vinni were looking for an unusual analogue interactions. Our Berlin balconies were in front of each other. As an act of naive curiosity and a small rebellion against chat-habits, we hanged an idea of a
tin telephone in the air
between them.


Dadaphone is an experimental interface for nonhierarchical communication sensetive to its sentiment. Technology behind it aims to protocol the most dramatic parts of any discussion.


In the same way as contemporary internet debate platforms conducting symphonies of voices, our tin telephone connects participants with a circle chain of one-way inputs/outputs.

There's also a center participant: the computer. Every input/output tin-string is listened by it. When string network passes through the low, middle and high frequencies, computer starts recording and disclosing the discussion via 360° holographic projection to participants and other visitors of the exhibition to watch.

In collaboration with Vinzenz Aubry

Technology: IBM Watson, node.js, pitch.js