Multi-perspective story placed simultaneously in Ukraine conflict/war (2014) and in YouTube interface

Media platforms manifest transparency of information and accessibility of knowledge for everyone, anywhere and at any time. Though what beyond the consciousness of a "common user" is the fact, that each click on a random video is another fatal choice. Based on this click, fine user-centering algorithms create comfortable loops of non-controversial opinions – a rich field of precision propaganda.

Digital storytelling

Glushi is based on a video, taken by a witness of the conflict and used by RT and CNN to substantiate completely different views of reality. The story-telling based on possibility to perceive a political process from opposite political perspective without tweaking the content.

Possible perspectives express belonging  to sides of conflict:
1. pro-east, pro-Russian,
2. pro-west, pro-Euromaidan,
3. local Crimean interests,
4. Random user looking for entertainment

After the perspective is chosen, the user lands in a framed-up version of YouTube page of the report video. The report itself stays the same, though the context is tailored to fit the selected political perspective.

The title of the video, number of views, likes and dislikes and related videos express the broadcaster's interpretation of the content and informational noise supporting it.

The search field is a trace of motivation and reasoning towards the report. The interface of the YouTube player controls settings of visual and audio propaganda. The comment section is a place where perspectives meet and the user of the Glushi can participate in debates.

In this project we visualized dangerous information warfare, which becomes a very important tool of modern geopolitics. We think battlefields being far away, but they are right in open tabs of our browsers; and as far as we consume information – we are the soldiers of the hybrid wars.

The interface of the Glushi is in a sense a story of Ukrainian conflict, a hybrid war in which all sides of the conflict fight for public approval.

Online: Glushi
In cooperation with Anna König and Lena Wilke

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